I just updated the photography page on Viiicdesign.com. More photography photos coming soon. Check it out at Viiicdesign.com/photography.html Any constructive feedback is appreciated.Read More →

Just finished my photography logo. The logo is based on a sticker that I had created a while ago. I decided to convert it into an illustration and use it as my logo for my photography projects. I’m planning to purchase a digital SLR camera in the near future so you will see variations of this logo soon.Read More →

Just downloaded this album last week. Its by A.G. Cubano and it’s called Feet To the Streets mixed by the Demolition Men so you know it knocks. It was a free download from the artist Myspace page and its been on repeat on my ipod. Recommend you pick it up.Read More →

After much deliberation iv’e decided on the colors for the Viiic Design logo. I chose variations of the color blue and I chose light blue as the fill because its the color of my birthday month, which is October. I experimented with the outline color and the color of the paint splat. This is the final version:I will be working on the  website design in the next couple weeks.Read More →

After much time, the “Beast Mode” beat is finally finished. Check it out on my myspace page at myspace.com/viiic94025 and let me know what you think. I have also finished the black and white final version of my Viiic Design logo. Check it out below. I’m contemplating on the final colors for the color version of the logo.Read More →

I’m working on a new instrumental beat. The beat is called Beast Mode. It will be up on my Myspace page later on in the week. Also finishing up my logo in the next week or so.  Stay tuned for more updates.Read More →

Posted up a new Graffiti page. Here I will post up graffiti that i have drawn and also will post up graffiti photographs and graff that i see on the streets. Stay tuned for more updates.Read More →

  These are are a few pics i took from my camera phone on our trip to Half Moon Bay. The first one is a rock maze that I think is used for meditation. It reminded me of a crop circle. The second one is a picture of a rock with the word “POO” engraved in it. I thought this was funny : ) . The third, is one of the crabs that my uncle caught. My little brother and I were trying to get it to grip the plastic measuring tool.Read More →